Next Market – Sunday 4th February 2018 10am – 2pm

Music is an integral part of every market.

Music of every style and flavour we can capture! This year we have had our ears delighted and excited by everything from Colombian Vallenato, through to massed ukuleles (pictured), with brass bands and carols in between. We pick family-friendly bands, so this is a great place to let the kids relax in between browsing our stalls. The music tent is bright yellow - you can’t miss it: outside the Kew Bookshop (who kindly supply our electricity, thank you guys…), just by the Tap on the Line pub, which is our super-generous sponsor of music every market day.

Contact us at the address below if you’d like to know more about our music, or if you know (or play in) a band that you think would delight our customers…

KVM Music Gazebo_1
the elastic band

The Tap on the Line - Sponsors of the music at Kew Village Market