Over £75,000 donated to Charity since 2011

All the profits the Market makes are ploughed back into the community.

Since our first market back in October 2011 we have raised over £75,000 for local charities.

Over the last few months we have helped the following charities:

In Kew itself:

Kew Community Trust was given £1064 to provide £800 for transport of elderly local residents to the Monday Club and £264 to allow a carer to be present at club. A lesser-known local charity React was given £1049 to buy urgently needed equipment for terminally ill children.

Across Richmond upon Thames:

£975 was given to the Down’s Syndrome Association supporting their Having Voice with the Down2Earth advocacy project, which will allow clients to build self-confidence. Richmond Carers Centre received £975 towards support for the wellbeing service offered to clients. Across the river in Twickenham Crossroads Care was given £1024 to support their emergency response programme for carers.

We also helped 2nd Mortlake Scouts with £1044 for tents and camping kit. For the Riverbank Trust we provided £800 towards a community outreach event and a Christmas party for clients.

How to apply for a KVM award:

If you are a local charity or community group we may be able to help financially. We prefer to support organisations:

  • who help those on the margin of society, by reason of physical and mental disabilities or poverty;
  • who bring the community in Kew and the Borough together in some way;
  • who encourage entrepreneurship and businesses locally

We do not give grants to individuals, nor do we normally support national charities, although we are happy to help local branches working within the local community,

Successful applications are normally for specific projects or purchases rather than for general running costs. You may be asked to provide details of what exactly any grant will be spent on.

Awards are made four times a year at the October, December, April and July markets. The amount we give each charity is usually between about £500 and £1000, but we are happy to consider larger (or smaller) requests.

If you wish to apply for an award please complete the form below or email Simon Fowler, the charity co-ordinator, at charity@kewvillagemarket.org for further information.

Other ways KVM can help:

There is a charity stall at most markets. The space is free, and you can use it to promote your work or to raise money (at a recent market one charity took over £600). All the spaces for 2019 have already gone but we are accepting bookings for 2020. To book, please contact Simon via charity@kewvillagemarket.org.

We may be able to help charities and voluntary groups in other ways. If you would like to discuss ideas please get in touch. However, we do not allow street collections to take place during the Market.

‘React is most grateful for the generous donation of £1000 which will be put to immediate good use to help a number of terminally ill children, who are cared for at home, and their families.’
Pamela Lyons-Marder, Kew React (received £1000 at the December 2016 Market)

‘Thank you so much for the £500 grant from the Kew Village Market.  We really appreciate your support and the purchase of IT equipment to help build carers confidence when using technology will make a big difference.’
Melissa Wilks, Richmond Carers Centre (received £500 at December 2016 Market)

‘Your very kind donation has enabled the Club to purchase a large television and height adjustable trolley.  These purchases have already and will continue to provide young people with the opportunity to use of existing equipment including game consoles, DVD player and karaoke machine. ‘
Giles Hobart, Lead Youth Worker, TAG Youth Club for the Disabled, Ham. Received £1000 at the October 2016 Market