Kush Cuisine

Enjoy the full flavour of the Caribbean with chef Ian Jennings and his wife Sadie’s award-winning preserves – chutneys and relishes, jams and marmalades, jellies and pickles, marinades and spice rubs, all with a sunshine islands’ twist. www.kushcuisine.com

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The Flaming Bonsai

Here’s where you can take your tastebuds on a trip… The Spice Alchemist concocts the most delicious chilli-based products – oils, pickles and sauces – using fresh ingredients, locally sourced as far as possible, and little or no sugar or preservatives (so they meet lots of dietary requirements). www.theflamingbonsai.com

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The Cold Pressed Oil Company

Here’s the home-grown answer to olive oil – cold-pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil, so deliciously smooth and nutty flavoured it has won a Gold Star at the prestigious Great Taste Awards. www.coldpressedoil.co.uk

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Nut Knowle Farm

Traditional English artisan hard & soft goat cheeses; fresh goat & kid meat


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Mud Foods

Award winning pies, quiche, pasties & sausage rolls


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Lovely Pasta

Homemade, traditional Italian, oven-ready, fresh pasta bakes, pesto sauces, desserts & biscuits

info@lovely pasta.co.uk

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